1.      Responsible for executive administration of Equipment Supply Exchange Programme:  delegated final authority in approval of policy & resources for programme implementation.

2.       Consults with programme budget sponsor officials, creates funding plans which provide for & constant programme supplier connection operation

3.      Updates long range business operations strategic programme plan for support expansion & programme progress in keeping with the Logistics Guidelines

4.      Serves as repair/upgrade site visit meetings: Reviews and authorises contracts for supplies & services required for equipment, parts & operation of equipment programme

5.      Reviews & approves recommended product support policies & procedures for the programme-- Coordinates major programme changes with supplier/installation connection.

6.       Monitors Equipment Specs exchange programmes with a view of consolidating tech equipment upgrade simulator for cost effectiveness where there are overlapping functions

7.      Charters advisory groups & committees to recommend equipment sustainment policies & procedures enable smart discharge & provides summary report of programme status, utilisation, accomplishments & planned future direction to boss.

8.      Maintains supply line communication continuity during the transition of the programme installation executive transitions & represent reviews & interfaces with installations & supply organisations

9.      Provides periodic programme status reports for Help Desk, Training, Workshops & Clinics for Product Information & Reliability types, systems upgrades, communication links & participant retrieval status

10.  Coordinates recommended changes to policies procedures for user surveys to obtain supplier/installations viewpoints & information/technique opportunities to ensure maximum utilisation of the programme



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