Summary Statement

We are seeking talented candidate for dispatcher position to assist call centre with soliciting orders for product equipment support/services by identifying supplier prospects; telephoning installation customers; persuade installations to identify smart equipment repair/upgrade services.

Dispatcher telemarketing success is dependent on a core set of professional qualities including: Results Driven Persistence, Smart use of time during customer requirements service calls, Supplier Prospecting Skills, Motivation for mastering product specs, Handles Customer/Supplier Inquiry Rejection, Equipment Product Knowledge of Supply, ability to meet ambitious customer participation quota goals

Career Objectives

  • Call prospective suppliers by operating telephone equipment, automatic dialing systems & other telecommunications technologies
  • Influence installations to contract for equipment services & merchandise
  • Follow sample outline of  prepared specs pitch to give service & product support information
  • Refer orders for filling mission gaps & meet dispatch success quota goals.
  • Keeps mission operational by following business instructions detailing established customer service record deposit
  • Maintain orders complying with application requirements
  • Streamline dispatch techniques by following policies & procedures; reporting needed changes in operations
Education & Work History

Admission to Service Division, MOS assignment characterise



These call center services are so good and it will be so great for the candidates who want to do such a job and have the same career. A lot of people love to do call center jobs and it great to share the information for their help.

01/06/2017 2:24am

Are you still looking for such person? Because I'd like to get this job :)

04/02/2017 1:18am

Are you still looking for such person


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